HVMS PTA– JOIN TODAY!                           

  HVMS PTA Membership Envelope – print and include with check

It is only $5 for the year and you will support your children, school and school staff.

  • Why should I join the PTA?
    • Did you know that the PTA pays for the directory, assignment books for every student, some teacher supplies, and various other expenses? Without your membership and support, we couldn’t provide this funding. With government funding continually cut each year, it is important that we support the PTA, our students and our teachers.
  • What benefits do I get for joining the PTA?
    • You will receive a free school directory, a discount card to a local restaurant exclusively for PTA members, a PTA membership card which entitles you to discounts with larger business such as Hertz, Metlife, Sharp and T- Mobile.
  • Who can join?
    • Parents, teachers, grandparents, and ANY other interested adults are encouraged to join the PTA. Even if you have joined at an elementary or high school, please also join Hidden Valley Middle School’s PTA.

Membership dues are ONLY      $5.00 per member.

You will receive a copy of the HVMS student directory, your local discount card, and your membership card. HVMS PTA supports the school through YOUR membership.Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about the PTA and how you can get involved with the PTA.                                    Beth Smith

Leave a comment and email address if you need help or have questions and we will get back to you quickly.



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